Youth Programs & Activities

Bible Fundamentals and Play Time

This is an after school program for young children and teenagers.

Every student must attend ½ hour to an hour in a bible study session before they can participate in the activity/play time.

There will be different age group classes. 

Beginner (K-4th grade)- basic bible stories/puzzle learning

Intermediate (5-8th grade)- basic teaching of the bible

Expert (9-12th grade)- in depth teachings

Parents must have their children picked up no later than 7pm, unless otherwise discussed.

Objective: To "instruct" children of all ages the fundamentals of the bible in a creative and enjoyable atmosphere. To "evaluate" what each "child's learning experience" is within the time frame of the classes.Game Time: After the lessons have been completed the children will be able to participate in the activities that have been planned. (Basketball, games, ping pong, pool, and arcade games etc) At the end of the program each student will be given a certificate of completion.

Learning Can Be Fun
Objective: To help students have a better understanding of a specific subject that they may be having trouble with in school.

 Subject(s) Specializing in, but can assist with others if needed
v.Social Studies

Tutors to help these students. (College students, teachers etc) Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm once per week

Open Discussion forums/ Workshops Objective: To make the youth and young adults in the community aware of the necessities that are needed to make a difference in the world or being successful.
Topics: (Examples)- College information night- Work experience (finding the right job for you)- Dressing to impress (fashion Show)- How to deal with everyday situations

Social Night (fellowship with young adults) Ages 17-35
Objective: To get different churches as well as the community to come together and have a good time fellowshipping in the Lord. Also, it’s an opportunity to provide an alternative for young people who don’t enjoy doing all of the things of the world. This night just provides a place of fellowship and fun.

Idea: Christian DJGamesCompetitions (step off, fashion show, performances etc).

Game Night & Movie Night                  Night of Praise
- Madden Tournaments                             - DJ (Christian)
- Ping Pong Tournaments                         - Praise Dancers
- Board Games                                           - Singers
- DJ                                                                       - Comedians (Christian)
                                                                               - Poets (Christian)
                                                                    - Drill teams

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